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The new google insights for search service and how you use it to perform effective keyword research

Another Google home-run...

From Google Labs,
Leonardo Saraceni, Outer Banks, NC


Fellow PPC researchers,

You've probably seen Bing's aggressive marketing campaign on National TV, the one with people stuck in "search overload". Really catchy, but also a direct hit to Google's hegemony. Or not?

Google Labs recently released their new service called Insights for Search, in the attempt to offer a more customized search experience.

On their words: "With Google Insights for Search, you can compare search volume patterns across specific regions, categories, time frames and properties."

google insights for keyword research

Apparently, people want search results to make their lives even easier, which explains the success of Wolfram | Alpha (is WA the skynet?)

wolfram-alpha is skynet

But I digress...

We're talking about creative ways to perform keyword research. You should understand Google Adwords and know how to do keyword research before reading this.

Google Insights for Search drills on any keyword, or combination of keywords, and spits out news articles, search volume trends, countries, and .... RELATED KEYWORDS with their search volume.

Here's what it looks like when I search for the keyword "get more traffic":



Insights gives out related keywords according to their search volume increase over a certain period of time. What this means is that, instead of getting decades of related keywords with the Google keyword tool, with Insights, you get only the ones with active history.

Like this:

google insights showing me new keywords research

Cool, huh?

Now, the reason why Insights will revolutionize the way you do keyword research is how it combines two searches into one, compiling the results in a detailed analysis of a specific market.

For example, when I search for "network marketing, business leads", here's what happens:

you can combine keywords and insights will research both

and the results show...

results from google insights show profitable trends

Notice how powerful this data is? If you're impulsive like me, you'd be creating at LEAST one adgroup focusing on each of those keywords.

But I want to point out two major things:

1) The use of the keyword SOCIAL is a sizzling hot trend. If you're not using it on your campaigns, you're missing out. Any combination of social marketing, social media marketing, even social media guerilla marketing has got huge potential. Explore it.

2) Check out how TRUMP NETWORK MARKETING is on number 5 - Do you think this guy will make some noise on the MLM industry or what? He's already part of my campaigns, you should use him too.

To finish it off,

Here's a bonus PPC tip, courtesy of Google Insights

Insights also show world and citywide search volume trends, which is highly beneficial if you're marketing a global company or an information product.

I bet you never thought these would be the most active countries when it comes to network marketing:

regional keyword research results show new countries to explore

When setting up PPC campaigns on this countries, specially on the content network, be extremely cheap on your bids. I recommend less than $0.20 for the Search and less than $0.05 for the Content.

Two essential steps:

1) Separate Search campaigns from Content Campaigns - It's a completely different strategy for the content, and results are better tracked and optimized when they're separated.

2) Create specific campaigns for each country - You may group neighboring countries, but dont put South Africa and Pakistan on the same campaign, you'll go nuts trying to figure out which is profitable.

Also, you should know that the conversion is dramatically lower than in English speaking countries like Australia, US, and UK. But when you're paying 2-3 cents a click, it's not that dangerous to take the shot. Common, you're going to need 2000 clicks to spend $60!

Heck, if you convert 0.25% of those visitors, that's 50 sales! Can't you cover $60 with 50 sales?

Not to mention all of the leads you're going to generate that you could monetize with email marketing. It's a win-win-win situation.

Enjoy it, and I'll see you soon!

leo saraceni signature


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