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Leonardo Saraceni, Outer Banks, NC


Dear Google lover,

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Let's face it:

PPC Rocks! (If you're looking for an introductory guide, I wrote an excellent article on how to run a cheap ppc campaign.

No matter what your opinion about it is, there's no denying that the flexibility, the possibilities, and the control available to PPC advertisers is unmatched.

Considering the alternatives, specially the free ones, PPC stands out as a fast-action pain-reliever; all you have to do is learn exactly how to swallow it.

And that is why some ppc experiences leave expensive scars...

On my first month running Adwords, I maxed out my student Amex ($1500) after paying as much as $11 for A SINGLE CLICK!

Of course, time and education heal all scars, but I learned to respect a PPC fundamental truth: only invest what you can afford to lose. At least initially.

Applying this Concept...

Believe it or not, I've gotten better at PPC, to the point where other people actually pay me to manage their campaigns.

One of those risk-taking people is my local gym's owner, who runs an aggressive lead generation campaign on the local radio, but had never heard of PPC before.

In case you don't know, the Outer Banks of NC is a stretch of land with less than two miles between East and West. As a summer vacation spot, local residents are scarce, and in general, offline. When I set out to generate leads online from this tiny market, a stronger refund policy came through my mind, since failure had a big advantage on this one, and my client had already paid.

Also, if like me you've never played that much with the location tool when setting up a new campaign, hear this: when a specific area is determined, only queries ORIGINATED from that area will trigger your ads. Keep that in mind!

The Single Keyword Strategy

Based on the Impressions - Clicks - Conversion strategy, the first step was to figure out how to get impressions. The only way I was able to measure traffic volume was to set up the initial ad groups with single keywords - ones that are affordable only to big corporations, such as:

Fitness - Women Fitness - Cardio Work Out - Gyms

We all know that a National campaign based on a single keyword such as these is not only bringing low-quality prospects, but signing a death penalty for your budget. They rank an average of $7 CPC!

Regardless, I needed to figure out how much search volume my fellow beach residents were sending to Google, so I ran the campaign for a full 24 hours.

The results were sad, but promising ;) After 24 hours of ultra-searched keywords, ONLY 60 IMPRESSIONS!

For this traffic volume, long-tail keywords would be useless. The probability of a local searcher typying into Google "aerobic fitness training" or "calory burning fitness" are very slim.

So I had to run with primordial keywords, which I considered to be not targeted enough.

I knew it was going to take a lot of gym memberships to produce a decent Return on Investment paying $5-$10 per click.

What really happened shocked me...

Anticipating the absurd CPC, I had bet $10 per click. After the first few clicks, Google was charging me an average of $0.50 - $1.05!

I took it as a 'welcome to the market' gift from Google, but the CPC did not change even after an entire week.

Keep in mind that I was getting an average of 2 clicks per day (3% CTR) due to the very low search traffic. Over the course of the next week, I added several ad groups, all with basic keywords - only to experience the same CPC rates.

Immediately, I passed on the good news to the Gym owner, who was very excited to see his ads on the first page for ALL the keywords he wanted.

Oh, I didnt mention that, right?

Initally, probably because the account had no history, Google was placing my ads (even with $10 cpc) on positions 6-9. To be honest, I was happy to on the first page; it wasn't my expectation early on.

My competitors, mainly national gym franchises such as Curves, Bally, and Gold's Gym, plus GNC, had all of the first positions dominated.

An awesome Bonus...

I had heard something from Jerry West regarding a change in Google's ranking algorithm in favor of local results against national corporations, but didn't read much more.

You can imagine my surprise when my ads started going up in position, reaching #1 within a month, and reaching the top results for certain keywords within 6 weeks.

Local PPC campaigns beat any ADWORDS competition

Local ads, paying less than $10/day, beat huge advertisers like Curves and GNC.

What's in it for you?

If you're just starting out with PPC, target your hometown and see what your results are. You'll have much more control, pay way less money, and go head-to-head with any advertiser.

If you're a veteran, explore the possiblity of playing in the big league, bidding on keywords such as "home business leads" or "home business opportunity" paying 1/4 of everybody else. Start multiple campaigns, one for each city: start with medium size cities - leave LA & NY for later.

Now, if you've never had any contact with Adwords, I highly recommend PPC Domination, by master Jim Yaghi & Mike Dillard.

You can get it here: http://leosaraceni.freeppcleads.com

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Leo Saraceni

Leo Saraceni


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