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Expand Your Income Potential Training - Day 4

Turbo list-Building training: How to legally 'Steal' prospects!


how to generate 19 quality leads every 3 days paying $0.11 per lead

It iS absolutely legal, I promise!

(This is a smart investment!)

From a delicious soy dog stand,
Leonardo Saraceni, Outer Banks, NC


Fellow Marketer,

On day 3, you learned how effective Pay-Per-Click is and how to find the best keywords. Now your leads are coming in, and your list is growing right before your eyes!

But... Is it going fast enough for you?

Today, you'll learn how to borrow somebody else's list to grow yours.

Don't worry, it's all legal!

So, Are You List Building?

With the knowledge you're receiving through this course, you're expected to start attracting prospects towards your website, that will SURELY become your subscribers, because you're giving them great value.

Managing those prospects, creating a relationship with them, and maintaining valuable communication is the best way to build a list of highly responsive customers.

We'll go over ways to maintain your list informed and satisfied later on in this course, but first, I'd like to introduce you to communities where like-minded entrepreneurs, opportunity seekers, or soon-to-be marketers subscribe to receive information straight on their inbox.

I'm about to share with you a powerful way to get your email into 3000 marketers' inboxes for a small yearly fee...

In essence, these communities offer a way for a wide range of marketers to spread their message in a large scale, allowing them to use it to build their own list.


With a subscription to one of these communities, you're allowed to send your advertisement to 3000+ other members, every 3 days!

Now, not every one of these services offers the same results, so keep very close track of your responses.

Also, keep in mind that you will receive messages, constantly: go to www.gmail.com and set up a new email account to handle the messages properly.

Ok, here's the list of most recommended list-builders:

best list building services


By far the most effective system, ViralUrl charges $197 per YEAR to mail 3000 members every 3 days.
Their system has the lowest spam blockage of all list builders I've tried, and I'm currently experiencing a 7-12% clickthrough rate for each message.*

Downline Builders Direct

$197 Yearly or $77 Monthly to mail 20,000 every 3 days.
This one is newer, but has cool features:
You're allowed to mail 500 members with a free membership.
And a paid membership lets you mail to a full 20,000 members every 3 days!

List Bandit

$197 Yearly to mail 3000 random members, plus a unique number of bonus members, every 3 days.
Also special advertising to members within the site that enables you to plug subscribers straight into your autoresponder

List Auction

$197 to mail to 3000 every three days.

List Joe

$197 to mail 3000 members. Has a big name in the industry, but lots of bad reviews.

* That's 240-360 visitors every 3 days, for the WHOLE YEAR, for $197. Here's some cool Math:

To stay on the safe side, let's go for the 8% opt-in rate: 240 people click on your ad - then, out of those 240, another 8% opts-in to your list: 19 leads every 3 days. Even if you do miss a couple of messages, and send only 100 emails a year, you're still producing 1900 leads in a year!

For $197, each lead will cost you approximately $0.11. Really hard to beat results like this.

I personally recommend ViralUrl, but I've heard the same results from other services as well.


Here's The Ultimate Trick (a darn good investment, too)


The same way you set up a separate Gmail account for your list-builders, you can have multiple accounts with ViralUrl or any other of these services:

you can multiply your results by 2, 3, 4, 5, or even 11! At one point, I had 6 accounts with ViralUrl, and I was bringing 60-80 leads every 3 days!

Many of these services also offer in-house ad placements, banner ad credits, and traffic exchange features. Be careful with all the extras, because they promise much more than they deliver.

Most of these services want you to promote them (they all offer affiliate commissions), or some of their partners. Keep your focus! If you spread your marketing too thin, you only taste the hard toast, and I'm sure you love the jelly!


Okay, So What Do I Write To My New List?

The thing with List-Builders is that their members are not necessarily looking for a home business - they might already have a business, and are just looking to promote it.

So what can you offer network marketers looking for more leads? Training! Personal Development! Improvement!

I always lead the way with the Magnetic Sponsoring course: it converts insanely well, and Mike Dillard has already spent thousands to create the best possible landing page.

That's where a good Funded Proposal system comes in extra handy.

Oopss.. I'm getting ahead here.

Now that we've stuff your Sales Funnel with the best free and paid leads, tomorrow you're going to learn how a Funded Proposal will open multiple streams of income and create instant credibility with your prospects.

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My Immediate Goal Is...
We Absolutely Hate Spam. We'll Never Sell or Trade Your Data


To using other people's money, borrowed lists and original success,


Leo Saraceni

Leo Saraceni


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