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Expand Your Income Potential Training - Day 3

Dismitifying Pay-Per-Click and Picking Winning Keywords Using Free Tools

Make Google™ your BFF - give them some money, and they'll find you the best quality leads!

(Seriously, you won't accomplish much without Google™!)

Another jewel straight from the Jiu Jitsu gym,
Leonardo Saraceni, Outer Banks, NC

Dear Business Owner,

On day2, you integrated 3 MAJOR free traffic generation sources into one powerful lead machine, creating a net of valuable content to "capture" your customers' attention.

Today, you're going to go FISHING!

Instead of setting up the net and waiting for your customers to find it, we're actually setting course to deep sea waters, where Leads swim in large groups - we're going to explore the Google™ ocean of Pay-Per-Click marketing!

Once and for all, what the heck is PPC?

Everytime you type a query on a Search Engine, you're actually providing them with a keyword; believe it or not, thousands of people search for the same keyword on an hourly basis!

With Pay-Per-Click, you, as the advertiser, BID a certain amount of money on a specific query (keyword); everytime a search is initiated for your keyword, your advertisement shows as one of the paid results; once a searcher clicks on your ad, you're charged the amount of your bid.

PPC is divided in three basic parts, that work together to offer the searcher the best possible results:


The amount of times your ad shows are called impressions, and they are determined by your choice of keywords:

"exquisite french restaurants in downtown springfield, VA" will have much less impressions than "local French restaurants".


Of course, searchers will only click on your ad if you make it attractive, and highly pertinent to their query.

The ratio Clicks:Impressions is called ClickThrough Rate (CTR) - and a good CTR means your ads and your keywords are a perfect match to your searchers' queries.


The third part of the PPC equation is, of course, how many of your visitors will eventually become customers/subscribers/leads.

Don't be fooled: conversion is an art - copywriters will tell you that a single word makes all the difference - and should be treated as such. A basic approach to converting PPC visitors is to optimize your landing page to better match your ads.

My team members on LifePath get access to training on how to create highly converting landing pages, using videos and tailored messages for each and every ad.

The Breakdown

Pay-Per-Click Strategy
The PPC 3-Part Strategy

Because converting is a major piece of study itself, and PPC ads involve very creative and personal copywriting, we're going to focus on finding keywords that are extremely related to your campaign, inexpensive, and that receive lots of impressions.

Keyword-Generation Tools & Tips

Let's get to the fun part!

Your first step when setting up your PPC campaign is to find which keywords you're looking to promote; the fastest way of finding keywords is to extract them from your website!

Keyword Extractor



All you do is type in the url you would like to extract your keywords from, and this software will lay it all out for you.

This powerful tool allows you to determine which keywords will relate specifically to your product/company/service without having to do any guess work.

Now that you have your keywords, you can look for related topics within each search, for example:

For the main keyword "French Restaurant", you might experiment with "the best French restaurant", "fine-dining french restaurant", etc...

But I hate doing guess work, and I know you do too. So be sure to bookmark this next tool:

Keyword Suggestion Tool


keyword suggestion tool

Now that you have your list of keywords, you need to to do a little market research, after all, some keywords are very expensive, going as high as $15 per click!

Unless you have $300 - $500 a day to throw into your PPC, focus on clicks that cost less than a dollar.

Since Google™ Adwords is by far the largest Pay-Per-Click platform, get your Cost-Per-Click information straight from them:

The Adwords Keyword Tool is still one of the most poweful research tools available freely, and you're going to use it to analyze your potential market:

Cost-Per-Click Analysis

Google Keyword Tool

Could it get any easier than that?

Bear in mind that your actual ad position may change if top advertisers are paying a lot more than the average CPC; when that's the case, Google will adequate the first-page bids to that higher Cost. Big budgets do help, but now you can play it smarter.

Okay, what's left?

Now that you have these 3 amazing tools at your disposal, you have everything you need to find the right keywords, expand your keyword list, and determine their cost/effect balance.

All without spending a DIME! These tools, aligned with the right strategy, can give you a cheap ppc campaing.

So next time you see a Guru offering you his "powerful keyword tool" or "membership to our market analysis system", hold your laugh, and politely ignore them.

However, there's a lot more to PPC than just finding keywords - if you want to shred your Adwords learning curve, learn all about Optimized Campaign Structure, how to attract the most amount of clicks and keep Google™ from SLAPPING you, get the PPC Domination course.

* http://leosaraceni.freeppcleads.com *

What lies ahead

Your Marketing System's entrance is getting much more crowded now; you've got your "free traffic net" capturing your fishes, and now you started aggressively fishing the leads-full Google™ waters.

Tomorrow, you'll learn how to "borrow" other marketers' email lists to build yours.

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Sounds cool, huh?

To becoming a Master Lead Fishermen,


Leo Saraceni

Leo Saraceni


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