If you are struggling reach the income you deserve, and nothing seems to work...

"Discover how you can create a Well-Oiled marketing machine that will expand your income potential using my secret Marketing Integration System™ !"

"In this letter, I'll show you a little-know secret that makes the difference between giving money to a bunch of 'pre-made gurus systems' and becoming a guru yourself, by promoting your personal brand! "


From a coffeehouse, looking at the ocean,
Leonardo Saraceni, Outer Banks, NC


Dear Friend,

I understand how overwhelming it is to research a serious business opportunity, and how hard it is to shake off the "information overload" we get into sometimes. If that's the case,

Relax and take a deep breath....

Your inteligence won't be questioned here, there won't be any "last minute offers", deadlines or any type of gimmicks to trap you. I honestly despise such strategies, and by stating this right now, we'll get rid of individuals looking for a "get-rich-quick" scheme.

This training will assist you in your journey, free you from replicated "guru" systems, and help you make the most informed decision.

Moving on...

How Can I Assist You In Your Business Endeavour?

Leo & Leo Saraceni

I could probably list my accomplishments, my top10 Google listings, fancy cars, huge house, trophy wife, bank statements, and all those lovely strategies to get you "hypnotized", and maybe buy something from me.

But I won't.

Instead, I am going to offer you my most valuable assets: my knowledge and experience.

Through this report, I will explain exactly what it takes to create and expand a powerful home business and exactly what is required of you, so you can evaluate it for yourself and then make an informed decision.

I only work with professionals that are clear minded, sober, and not drunk by the immediate income opportunity. That's why I'm showing off my biggest accomplishment -------------->

Being able to spend time with my son, at anytime, means more to me than simply earning a living.

Truths you have to understand ASAP - why 97% of marketers fail

  • Impulsive, emotional decisions will only lead to frustration and failure. That's why you're given all of this information upfront, without any hype or B.S.

  • YOU ARE THE COMPANY. I'll show you how to position yourself as the expert, expand your personal brand, and grow beyond representing a company, to become You, Inc.

  • Through leadership, prospects will be drawn to you, that is the only way to do business - forget cold-calling and family-chasing, I'll teach you how to be the leader your team wants you to be.

Noticed how these truths have everything to do with mindset?

Being ready for success is one of the most ignored part of establishing your business; many business owners have fear of adversities, and unconsciously sabotage their business.

Training the mind is an on-going discipline that depends 80% on its practicioner; our associates share guidance exercises and community conferences dedicated entirely to improve your mindset.

align your mindset & effective marketing to be part of the 3% that succeeds

Picture the following scenario: you enjoy abundance in every aspect of your life; money is no longer a worry; your business thrives; you're respected in your community.

Everything you need to manifest this scenario lies within your mindset - that wil allow you to concentrate on your goals - and in the means through which you'll achieve them.

Mastering the power of online marketing is KEY to suceeding; mass media advertisement is agonizing, and the spotlight is now on the worldwide range of the Internet. There's no argument against the possibilities a well-designed marketing plan offer when properly positioned throughout many web based platforms.

Expand Income Potential marketing training

Introducing: The Expand Your Income Training

The combination of an entire year and more than $5000 invested in Online Marketing training, the course introduces a concept I designed called Marketing Integration.

Originally written to assist ONLY my personal organization, the training has positively affected several home based entrepreneurs.

But if I hear from you today... I'll send you a copy of this manual right to your inbox... and...

I'll even send it to you FREE,
if you choose.

We'll get to that in just a second.

First, sample just a small taste of what you'll learn on this course...

What exactly is in your expand your income training?

What is expected of you upon beginning your training

It is up to dedicate yourself 120%.

I don't expect tire-kickers to achieve anything, even with the most powerful tools.

You're going to learn what to do, how to do it, and exactly where your actions will be more rewarded.

I'm cutting your online marketing learning curve, showing you exactly where the profit is.

Unfortunately, many of you will never even open the first lesson. What can you really expect out of laziness?

Most of the time, the difference between the millionaire internet guru and the guy next to him is as simple as one more step. How so?

One more article before watching American Idol...
One more call before dinner...
One more website, one more ad group.

If the thought of commitment scares you, or makes you hesitate, this is not for you.

Go back to your 9-to-5, the steady paycheck, the oh-so-irritating boss.

still here? Good!

For those of you that DO take action, and complete the course, I have a special bonus.

Get me to design your first landing page, including capture form & autoresponder setup!

Yeap, you can get me, Leo Saraceni, to design your own landing page - no more generic, replicated websites.

What's the catch?

Here's the deal: you'll learn all about a Funded Proposal offer in your Expand Your Income training.

All you have to do is complete the course and pick one of the funded proposal offers listed on your training. Then, send an email to leosaraceni[at]yourincomepotential[dot]com with a copy of your receipt, explaining how you're planning to market your capture page.

We'll connect and design the best strategy for your page.

It's that simple!

So, to recapitulate...

Here's What You Will Receive!

  • Exactly how to design and create a fully integrated Marketing System

  • The only successful approach to free lead generation - how to streamline the three major free traffic sources into one powerful lead machine

  • Who said Pay-Per-Click is expensive? Learn how to find winning keywords that won't take your entire budget

  • Tap into huge lists of targeted customers - build your own list, and generate over 1900 leads per year, at $0.11 each

  • How to generate cashflow quickly, from prospects that may never join your business - Step-by-step, Funded Proposal!

  • SOCIAL MEDIA - Effective relationship building, without ever actually marketing anything

  • Wordpress secrets - the power of Blogs, and how they will increase your online empire fast!


Get Me To Design Your Capture Page!

All you have to do is complete the course and pick a strategy that suits you best!

Then, send an email to leosaraceni[at]yourincomepotential[dot]comwith a copy of your receipt, and I'll personally contact you to get your specifications for the page!


It's time for you to take charge of your marketing and Dramatically Cut your learning curve

You're the force behind your success; no company, mentor, or software will accomplish your goals for you. Roll up your sleeves, and jump on your training, now!

The sooner you understand that NO "guru" will ever pay you to just "try", the faster your results will manifest.

You've been given the tools to DOMINATE your market, now its up to you!

Are you ready to take action?

Still not sure?

Because we both know how the internet is full of scams, here's my ultimate guarantee:

3 Months "Win Win" Guarantee

Your Income Potential Guaranteed Satisfaction

If in 90 days you don't have a massive flow of traffic coming into your website...

Or you're not generating your own leads, attracting people to you...

...I'll buy the manual back from you AND...

You can keep everything:
the manual AND your landing page!

That means you have zero risk...

I'm basically giving you the entire manual, and offering myself to design your landing page, for FREE.

Why would I do that?

Because I know that once you experience the results, if you ever decide to start a home business, you'll consider me as your mentor.

So go ahead and grab your copy now... before it slips your mind, and before I get swamped with pages to design and shut down this offer.

To order through a 100% secure PayPal transaction, simply click on the blue link that says "Add To Cart"

Keep in mind, there's ZERO risk.

Actually, to be quite honest,

You may be getting the
entire manual FREE!

YES, I want to learn how to integrate all my marketing campaigns

Expand Income Potential Home Business

You can have complete access to the Expand Your Income Potential manual and get me to design your landing page, less than 5 minutes from now, for only...


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Here's a final consideration:

Kudos on getting here. No matter what your reasons are to be looking for a better alternative, the simple fact that you're taking upon yourself to find a solution shows:

Ultimately, I wouldn't expect less of any of my team members. When you see yourself ready for the next step, don't hesitate. Give me a quick call, let's just chat for 5 minutes. I'd be honored to meet you, because I know that by picking up the phone, you're sincerely dedicated to improving your situation.

That's why I enjoy working with people like you, who are not afraid of taking the next step.

To Unlimited Income Potential,

Leo Saraceni Signature

Home office - 252-202-6190
skype ID - leosaraceni


Expand Income Potential Home Business

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Who am I?

Leo Saraceni

Leo Saraceni is a husband, father, and blue-belt jiu-jitsu fighter. Despite his young age, Leo quickly understood his family deserved more than a regular JOB could offer. He's now "psychologically unemployable", assists other entrepreneurs start their own business online. Find out more about him at leosaraceni.net.



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