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A Funded Proposal System That Really Works: The Magnetic Sponsoring Affiliate Program

Even though I fell into the Magnetic Sponsoring without a clue of what it was all about, Mike Dillard's system has been consistently paying me an average of $6 per lead!

If you're not familiar with the funded proposal concept, all you need to know is that when used properly, your prospects will be turning you a profit even before you get on the phone to speak with them.

The Magnetic Sponsoring book is on itself a bible in the network marketing industry, and it goes into detail over leadership skills, posture, and attraction marketing (the art of attracting customers based on how much value you're offering them).

But the most attractive part is what comes in the Magnetic Sponsoring backoffice; when you purchase MS, you gain access to the admin area, where you'll find one of the most comprehensive marketing trainings available for free, and it's there to help you generate leads with the magnetic sponsoring affiliate program.

Being a MS Affiliate Can Change Your Business!

Whichever method you decide to use when marketing Magnetic Sponsoring, rest assured that the long term goals will undoubtely blow your mind. Let's say you're marketing Building on A Budget, which is another inexpensive Mike Dillard product; you generate 50 leads, and makes two sales. That's about a 2% conversion, which is pretty low, but this is just an example.

My experience has proven three things:

1) 60% of all Magnetic Sponsoring customers buy a second or third product within two months after their initial purchase

2) Out of the 48 leads that did not buy anything, 8-10% will purchase a Magnetic Sponsoring product within two-three months of sign-up.

3) 3-6% of the 50 leads will purchase new products as they are introduced to the mix, as Mike and his team do a great job a hyping launches and motivating affiliates.

Mike Dillard is a gifted copywriter, and his emails have a compelling balance of emotional and financial aspects that almost force people to buy his stuff.

The Profitability of The MS Funded Proposal System

the magnetic sponsoring affiliate program pays $8/lead in averageOn my very first MS account, I generated 104 leads, within the first 6 months of this year, I made a total of $884.80. That's $8.58 per lead!

But that's not even the best part about it; because only $400.00 came from direct traffic (leads that purchased it immediately). The other $484.80 came from RECURRING transactions!

That means more than half my MS income came from customers buying their first or second products!

Now, it usually costs me about $3 to convert a lead, so I'm operating at a +200% profit.

And that's from one account only!

An Open Affiliate Program Works Perfectly...

When I say that 8-10% of MS leads will purchase something within the first couple of months, it's because of the impressive product line Magnetic Sponsoring entails. Even Building On A Budget buyers who spent $30 on the book have the opportunity to market Traffic Formula, which sells for $997.

And Mike's ability to market to his own list is impressive. Over the years, he has created a product mix that covers all of the fundamental pains of network marketing, and is not uncommon to see a customer buy Magnetic Sponsoring and then come back for Black Belt Recruiting, and later on for PPC Domination.

That's $20, $58.80, and $108.00 in commissions respectively, which amounts to an impressive $186.80 from one single happy customer.

In the end, any funded proposal objective is to fund your marketing costs; Magnetic Sponsoring does that and much more. It's not hard at all to make an extra $100 a week and increase your PPC budget with Mike's system, and he continues to make it even easier.

I honestly recommend it.

To bigger, better cashflow,

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