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Expand Your Income Potential Training - Day 2

How To combine the top 3 free marketing strategies into one powerful free traffic machine


How can a squid help me?

Another jewel from the downtown coffeehouse,
Leonardo Saraceni, Outer Banks, NC

Dear Business Owner,

On day 1, you were introduced to a powerful Marketing System, which is the basis to any successful online campaign. Today, we're going to cover free strategies to generate traffic that go beyond BORING classified ads and Craiglist.

I despise Craiglist. There. I said it.

Honestly, I didn't care for it when it was a pool of spam, erotica, and organs-selling ads, and I really don't like it now, that it's full of "policies" and "regulations".

Some marketers might be frowning at me now, thinking "I get great results with CL". Good for you! I actually know one professional that generates great results with it, but he has to change IP addresses every 5 minutes, upload the same picture 5000 times, and write scripts to add postings with specific HTML code. How fun, isnt it?

Now, the truth is, results on Craiglist, or any other free classified, are absolutely random, because of the highly different demographics using it, and depend on a massive volume of postings; that's where the complicated script I mentioned enters.

One of the purposes of this training is "how to invest my time wisely", so forget about Craiglist!

CL is possible the second biggest time waster for a Network Marketer. The first one being Traffic Exchanges (yuck!)

However, there are many free traffic generation tools available that are worthy of your time. In common, they share the need to have good content - writing, pictures, videos, and a close relationship with our BFF Google.

Today, you're going to learn about how to integrate those free platforms to replicate and assimilate your marketing communication.

These tools will become your Sales Funnel Entrance, so pay extra attention to:


The first and most well-known platform is called Squidoo. On Squidoo, your creation is called a Lens. Each lens receives its own address in the format squidoo.com/your-lens.

To design a lens, Squidoo provides you with "modules", that work just like Legos.

You decide the topic, the content, and disposition of the modules on your Lens. You're basically building a website, only without having to learn any code.

Oops.. actually, there is one code you have to know when designing your first Lens: to create a link on your Lenses, and that is: <a href="http://www.example.com">My Example</a>.

Just like any other website, when designing your Lens, be sure to include pictures and videos. Also, try to separate your content into smaller "text" modules, so each one of your topics is wrapped under a specific header.

HUB Pages

Following the same concept as Squidoo, HUB pages are also a mixture of article posting/website builder; you pick your topic, distill your valuable information, and arrange it in the best suiting way.

The best feature available on HUB Pages is that, when you create a HUB with a score higher than 90, your links become available for Search Engines to crawl. Different than Squidoo, that adds a "nofollow" tag to outbound links on your Lenses.

Considering the huge traffic and the amount of content being posted per minute, a link from your HUB page to your domain is an incredible asset and positions your website much better in the Search Engines' ranking.

Article Posting

The good old strategy of producing content in the form of articles is still powerful, and is definitely an important piece in any campaign.

Articles are perfect to optimize for long-tail keywords, so be sure to include strategic keywords throughout your writing.

A couple things to keep in mind:

Now, the best part:

How to integrate Squidoo, Hub Pages and your Articles

Here's the meaty part of today's training:

Squidoo, HUB Pages and Articles work as one big media platform, very similar to having TV, Radio and Billboard advertisements running the same campaign.

Here's one example:

Imagine that you're selling a Wine tasting course, and you want to optimize for the keyword "Gruner Veltliner":

First, you write an article entitled "How To Pick The Best Gruner Veltliners";

Secondly, create an Squidoo entitled "Gruner Veltliners: The White Austrian Jewel";

Finally, design a HUB Page entitled "The Mysteries of the Up & Coming Gruner Veltliner".

You've just streamlined your Marketing! Now, the best way to link integrate them goes as follow:

Free Traffic Integration
Integrating your message creates more value to your customers and more credibility to any offer

All of your platforms must speak to each other, so include a link from Squidoo to HUB Pages, and from Squidoo to your articles. The same goes for your HUB Page. Most article directories won't allow many outbound links, but if they do, by all means, include them in the Integration.

Of course, your final destination for all of them is a customized landing page, however, when you're referencing different places where your searchers can find valuable information, you're increasing the amount of respect that customer has for you.

Instead of "here's some info - now buy it from me", your message is "here's some info, here's more, and here's some more - if you're ready, now buy it from me". Which one is more valuable to your customer?

Here's an example of what I'm saying:

Free Traffic Generation
Can you see how there's ZERO integration?

If by now you're thinking "that's WAY too much work", or "I don't have time for all this", you probably shouldn't be reading this anyway; go buy some get rich quick guru's garbage and see how that works out.

On the other hand, if you realize much time this simple system will save you on the long run and the incredible results it brings, hold on to your chair because there's much more coming.

Tomorrow, you're going to find out how to find Profitable, low-budget keywords for your PPC campaign and how to add PPC to this integration system you've just created.

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My Immediate Goal Is...
We Absolutely Hate Spam. We'll Never Sell or Trade Your Data


To becoming a giant-traffic-squid-monster,


Leo Saraceni

Leo Saraceni


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