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Why Your Business Opportunity is only for the most qualified prospects

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From that same soy dog stand,
Leonardo Saraceni, Outer Banks, NC


Dear Marketer,

On Day 4, you learned how to steal huge lists of targeted prospects, and today you're going to learn exactly why your business opportunity (bizop) should not be part of any of your messages.

I understand this may seem a little counter-intuitive, so I'd like to guide you through a quick marketing exercise:

Picture Realtor A - She's just found a huge list of other professionals in her area, and she decides to mail them information regarding her company: she explains that she pays a much bigger commission, her staff has much more freedom and many tools to help them sell. She is sure that many realtors will be attracted to her company, and she directs them all to her company's website.

Now, picture Realtor B - She had access to the same list as Realtor A, and she decides to send everybody on that list several valuable tips regarding Posture, Mindset, and Leadership. At the end, she directs them to a website where they would get an e-book with even more training, in exchange for their information.

Does that have any similarity with Network Marketing?

Get the hint? ;)

Realtor A committed many mistakes, but here are the three majors:

1) She was trying to sell without qualifying her prospects: She did not know if the other professionals would qualify for her team or even if they were looking for another company. At no point during her message did she lead them to "raise their hands" and "sign-up to learn more".

2) She added no value to her prospects: Her message was just another advertisement from an unknown source, trying to sell something; her expensive direct mail campaign will go to the trash along with all the other junk mail.

Now, what happened to Realtor B?

1) She spoke directly to those realtors' pains: As professionals, they surely need more tips on how to handle their sales process, how to captivate buyers, and how to position themselves during house visits. Her mail was full of valuable information, and any realtor would be glad to receive it.

2) She had a specific Call-To-Action: Her message directed those that were interested in more training to a website where they would qualify themselves. By doing so, Realtor B was able to find the most responsive prospects, and she can now narrow her sales efforts towards those pre-qualified professionals. She can be sure that they will pay extra attention to any materials sent by her, initiating a powerful relationship that could end up as business partners.

Back to Network Marketing

The exact situation applies to the prospects on your "stolen" email list; they are business owners just like you, looking for an edge in their marketing. If you do like Realtor A and try to sell without creating any credibility, they will dispose of your message as "spam".

To achieve the best results, put yourself in their shoes, and think: "what would help me build my business?"

You can go even beyond that, and focus on your own experiences: "What do I wish I had known 6 months ago that would benefit my business?", for example "Learn PPC", or "Design a landing page" (which you'll learn by the end of this course).

You're looking to create massive impact through your message, filling it with valuable tips, training, and expert advice.

Got the message, but still have no idea what to offer?

Behold: The Funded Proposal!

From the post What Is Funded Proposal And How To Apply It To Network Marketing:

"Instead of throwing your biz opportunity at your prospects and expecting them to jump in the nuptial bed with you, which is how most marketers propose their businesses, a successful funded proposal begins with an inexpensive, value-packed offer that would ease your prospects towards you".

Think of a funded proposal as quotations on an article: the quotes are somebody else's, but your article benefits from the added value.

However, just like in an article, you must use quotes in a relevant contest, so be sure to offer the most honest review possible for any proposal, and explain exactly how and why it would benefit your prospect.

Becoming an affiliate marketer

Of course you'll soon have your own product, training, DVD-series and a whole info-products empire.

Until then, you're able to leverage other marketers' products to match your Funded Proposal.

As an expert, it is your responsibility to stand behind any product you're going to recommend, so pick carefully. Buying the product is not required, but highly recommended. (Common sense, folks!)

Personally, I'm a big fan of Mike Dillard and Yanik Silver's products, because they convert extremely well, and are JAM-PACKED with valuable information.

Ultimate Supertips - Down-to-earth approach, without gimmicks, on how to market online. Simple techniques, proven to work, with a revolutionary 100% commission pay out offer at the end. ($10!)

Magnetic Sponsoring - The Magnetic Sponsoring course was the first to address specific issues of the Network Marketing industry, and has now become fundamental. ($39)

Instant Sales Letters - Yanik Silver, the "million-dollar copywriter", put together this tool that ... creates sales letters without writing! Very powerful, and excellent for beginner copywriters. ($39.97)

33 Days To Online Profits - Yanik's best seller is now updated, reformatted to a more comprehensive video version. It oulines exactly how to market any product online. ($39)

All of these products are great to attract and qualify other Network Marketers while promoting YOU Inc. as an industry expert.

What about prospects that are not from "Stolen lists"?

Of course, the prospects that arrive at your own website are already qualified, and anxious to learn what you have to offer.

Those prospects have already entered your sales funnel, are part of your list, but may not be ready to join your business. This is the beauty of a successful Funded Proposal:

As part of the relationship you've created with your prospect, they receive training and updates from you (the expert); wrapped in one of those valuable training messages, is the solution to their copywriting frustrations; or the key to attraction marketing; and the list goes on...

Now, even if these prospects NEVER join your business, you have multiple chances of generating revenue from them, which ends up paying your prospecting efforts!

Here's one example:

Successful Funded Proposal
From my Magnetic Sponsoring backoffice

This picture was captured ONE HOUR after sending an email through the ViralUrl system.

That means for every visitor (not even for every prospect), I'm averaging $0.80!

The bottomline is...

You have much more freedom to focus on your primary business and multiple lead sources to pull prospects from.

Fun, isn't it?

Now that we've covered the main attraction sources (Squidoo, HUB, Articles, PPC, List Builders), and your business is generating cashflow to fund more adventurous enterprises, we're going to explore Social Media!

Tomorrow, we'll go over the consequences of Social Media, how to position your brand to benefit from it, and how to leverage your online celebrity status!

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To long-lasting sales funnels,


Leo Saraceni

Leo Saraceni


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