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Stop what you're doing now!

Get to the bottomline: what really makes you money?

Effective income-producing exercises to quit whining and start acting like a business owner

With all due respect,
Leonardo Saraceni, Outer Banks, NC


Fellow entrepreneur,

Have you made any money, whatsoever, today? Have you made a commission, or at least attempted to make a sale?

Forget your long-term goals of creating value, building relationships, and get to the bottom line: how long has it been since you've made a sale?

How long have you been poking around Facebook and twitter and reading all kinds of Guru's emails, aimlessly 'surfing' your money away?

Excuse my tone - I'm usually a lot more cheerful, but I've seen too many "deer-in-the-headlight" professionals paralized on tons of Facebook games, twitter replies, and fruitless research, only to complain about not making any money.

This is from Wayne Chavez, president of Intermundo Media (http://www.intermundomedia.com):

"You can solve a problem, build a flawless solution, provide great customer service, hire the best people, raise lots of money, and close big clients  AND still not make money - I know this firsthand.  For me it has been as much an emotional journey as anything else, coming to terms with the fact that I am starting up a company to make money.  It’s not all that profound and it doesn’t have to be. When I focus on making money everything else magically falls into place: Problems are solved, customers are happy, and more clients follow.”

required exercises

If I haven't ticked you off yet, or even if I did, here are some powerful exercises to prevent you from making the mistake of wasting your time.

These exercises came from the Young Entrepreneur Foundation

1. Make a list of all activities for the day related to your business.

2. If not classified already by time, do that (e.g., 9 am meeting, 10 am proposal, etc.)

3. Place a checkmark next each activity related DIRECTLY to making money. (E.g., a proposal or meeting with a prospect). Is it 80 percent of your time? - In network marketing, the most important aspect of your business is the FOLLOW UP call, where you collect the decision (and the payment)

4. For the rest of your activities, do the following:

What Now?

Embrace your power, start acting like the successful entrepreneur you are.

Also, check out this video I made explaining this exercise:

Having Difficulties?

If you're having difficulties coming up with your schedule, I dedicate 20% of my time in the afternoon to assisting team members with their business planning.

I will open that time frame to assist you, with some requirements:

1) You have the entire exercise finished

2) Schedule an appointment before you call: send an email to leosaraceni[at]yourincomepotential.com

Both of our times are valuable, and I expect you to respect that.

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To making money,


Leo Saraceni

Leo Saraceni

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