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How to Make your Blog Update your facebook account automatically


From the trenches of Wordpress,
Leonardo Saraceni, Outer Banks, NC

You'll need a blog to benefit from this training.
If you don't have one, learn how to set up your blog first.

Dear socially integrated entrepreneurs,

One of the many benefits of having a blog is that everytime you update it, it generates a RSS Feed. I refuse to get into the geeky details here, but it's basically a broadcast of your post, that gets picked up by softwares like Google Reader, Netvibes, iGoogle, and many others.

RSS is a wonderful tool, and now you can integrate your own feed into your Facebook account, so everytime you write a new post, it will update FB.

All you need to know is your blog's RSS address - and you can find it by clicking on the how to link your blog to your facebookin your blog.

I'm aware Facebook has modified its appearance (much to my dislike) - even though some of the buttons may have changed location, the directions remain the same. Email me if you can't find it and I'll help you.


To Social Media Omnipresence,


Leo Saraceni

Leo Saraceni


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