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Leonardo Saraceni, Outer Banks, NC


Fellow entrepreneur,

I know we all used to pick on geeks back in high school, and most of us are as familiar with HTML as with rocket science, but the fact is, if you're going to make it online, you'll have to embrace a little of your "geekiness"

Today, I'd like to share with you a simple "geeky" tool that won't take anymore than 20 minutes to complete, and it's guaranteed to index your website much faster. Nothing too complicated, I promise!

How does indexation happen?

The natural indexation happens by coincidence, whenever a Search Engine happens to find your website.

Every SE (Search Engine) has its own "crawler" - a tool that visits millions of website per day, captures their information, and send it back to the SE server. From that point on, the website is indexed and it will show up on related search queries' results.

Normally, once a website is uploaded to a domain, the time it will take for a crawler to find it ranges from 12 to 25 days.

However, you're about to learn exactly how to TELL the Search Engines when to crawl your website. This way, your page will show on search results much quicker. I've had pages that were indexed within 1.5 hours!

What are and how to create sitemaps


Sorry for the weird noises - I had a really bad cold when I shot this video ;)

That's it?

SEO is an on-going strategy, and it depends much more on external factors than it does on what you do inside your website.

What I mean by this is that for a Search Engine, your website is only important if several other websites are linking to it, which would make your site a reference point.

Those links that point from other pages to your own are called Inbound Links, and they are very precious. There are many different ways to get Inbound links, but the basic approach is: publish HIGH-QUALITY content, so other people refer to your article.

We'll get more in-depth SEO soon, I promise. For now, go write your sitemap and upload it to the services I showed on the video. They will provide you with basic information to start your SEO challenges.


To less geekyness and more results,

Leo Saraceni

Leo Saraceni


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