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Cheap PPC Traffic With High-Quality Landing Pages

How to optimize your PPC landing pages for higher conversion and cheaper traffic.

Leonardo Saraceni, Outer Banks, NC


Fellow adwords advertiser,

This article is a continuation of my strategy to defeat the google adwords affiliate slap.

The era of mass media is dead because customers are now so bombarded with information that they seek relevancy. As search engines spit out newer technologies daily to create results that are more and more relevant, it is fundamental that your ads are too.

When you think of a high-quality PPC landing page, you need to consider exactly what that searcher is looking for and match it within seconds of his/her visit. Accomplishing that goal will not only improve your sales, but increase your quality scores and get your cheaper clicks.

Relevant PPC Landing Pages

Over at Search Engine Watch, David Szetela wrote an excellent review of combinations of PPC Ads and Landing Pages. It is embarassing how big companies have no idea what a decent landing page should look like.

The focus is on ensuring the searcher connects the content on the page to what the premise of the ad within no time at all, and here is the best way to do so:

That's the most valuable attention area and the first thing a visitor sees. It will assure a good transition from ad to page.

Once you've got them to stay on your page, you need to make sure they're paying attention.

PPC Visitors and Information Consumption

Some people refer to PPC traffic as "ADD-afflicted", because of the urgency of their search. PPC visitors are indeed fast clickers, so you need quick reponses.

To capture their attention, you need to affect 4 main areas of information consumption: audio, video, text, and pictures. People digest information in different ways; some will prefer watching a quick video, others just want to read your content.

But the reason you want to have more than just text and video is that most visitors will simply skim over your page, looking for something that captures their attention.

When you have multiple medias on the page, visitor stimulation is increased, and their satisfaction is fulfilled.

Sample Case Study

Here's an example of a landing page with just 3 of those features:


That page actually converted very well - 12% of visitors were signing up to receive more info.

Using Google's web optimizer, I ran a split test using this other version of the same landing page:


The second version included some bullets with highlited text, and an image of the eBook I was sending all subscribers.

That completed the entire feel of the page, with all 4 areas of information consumption covered.

The results?

With the higher quality score and lower bounce ratio (number of visitors who leave the site without cliking on a link), I was able to get cheap ppc traffic, because Google lowered my CPC considerably.

Be Creative With PPC

It is very important for Google to see your landing page as a complete entity: since they cant crawl videos yet, images play an important role.

For information products, adding pictures might be an issue, but here are some ideas:

Here's a great example of pictures used for a PPC landing page:


When I created this landing page for a local gym, they had only one video, but tons of pictures, so I turned the video into a major pic, and included several others at the footer, surrounded by text.

By the way, this page is the highest converting page I've created so far: a whopping 32% of all visitors that arrive there sign up.

Try it out!


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Leo Saraceni

Leo Saraceni


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