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How to integrate the funded proposal concept into your business opportunity marketing without losing focus!

A strategic funded proposal merger will keep your eyes on the prize and increase your cashflow.


From the Proposal room,
Leonardo Saraceni, Outer Banks, NC


Dear online marketing lovers,

When network marketers discover the possibilities that a good affiliate marketing campaign bring to their business, they're tempted to forget the calling leads/sponsoring people process and devote their energy to selling other people's products and getting paid in commission.

Affiliate marketing needs zero telephone skills, zero mentors, zero product inventory, and there's no product support to worry about. In theory, it's one of the most flexible online business models and it is highly profitable. But for a network marketer, integrating a relevant affiliate campaign to their business opportunity creates a new (or several) income streams with the same amount of leads.

This integration, which is called the funded proposal concept, is one that most network marketers are aware of, but very few actually pull it off. There are important steps to merging a front-end offer to your business opportunity without confusing your prospects and losing a more profitable sale (a new dowline).

So, before you go waste money on new landing pages and pay-per-click traffic, follow these steps to successfully benefit from a funded proposal concept:

- Do not divert your attention from what really makes you money: your network marketing company.

When you start creating new pages, blogs, and adwords campaigns to promote affiliate products, you're not building a funded proposal, you're distancing yourself from what network marketing is all about. That takes us to the second tip:

- Pick an affiliate program that compliments your network marketing industry

As a major affiliate marketing source, Clickbank offers a huge variety of information products that are sure to compliment any mlm offer. For example, if you're in the personal development industry, like LifePath Unlimited or Liberty League:

funded proposal offer for personal development

Now that you have a great offer, that is highly relevant to your mlm industry, the funded proposal concept is integrated subtly throughout your already-existent marketing funnel, as shown in this diagram here:

integrate the funded proposal concept follwing this chart

The first step is to include your Funded Proposal benefits in your landing page. The best way to do that (and actually increase your opt-ins) is to have bullets with the FP's major benefits and why they're so relevant to what you're offering in your landing page.

Then, on your thank you page, where most network marketers say "Somebody will call you within 24-48hrs to try to hard-sell you" (just kidding), explain that the product you're offering will be a valuable asset to their training and they should go get it through your affiliate link. And you include a link to the sales letter.

That simple?

Of course, there are ways to make that jump from the thank you page to the sales letter more effective, and I'll share that in another article.

For now, it's important that you understand that those prospects that opt-in on your landing page are HOT, and if you don't do anything with them, they'll cool off. The best way to do that is to get them to do something you want: buy from you. If you're really conservative and don't want to promote anything but your business opportunity, at least link your sales page to your blog and ask them to leave a comment; link it to your twitter and ask them to send you a hello.

Just don't leave a message like "somebody on my team will call you soon for a quick chat" - because that's a big turn off.

See you soon,

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