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Expand Your Income Potential Training - Day 7

How To Build a blog from scratch: Social media Piece de resistance

(The power of wordpress!)

From the trenches of Wordpress,
Leonardo Saraceni, Outer Banks, NC


Dear Blogger,

Yesterday, we discussed the hype Social Media Marketing (unexistent, by the way) and came down to two strategies that are key to taking advantage of Social Networks:

quality content & Effective Relationship Building

You're familiar, by now, with the importance of building strong, meaningful connections across your social community. Today, your focus will be on Content Creation, especifically, BLOGS!

Today, I'll show you step-by-step how to install a Wordpress blog onto your domain.

Initial Set Up

The fastest way to get a Blog is using one of the two major services:

Wordpress - By far, the largest, most popular platform. Adored by users for its flexibility, customizing features and autonomy. They offer two options for hosting:

At Wordpress.com, you get your own blog simply by signing up, under the address yourblog.wordpress.com. Even though this is the easiest, fastest way, working under wordpress.com is very limited, and you're not allowed to have any form of banner or Google AdSense on your blog.

The other option is actually a blogging software, available at Wordpress.org: the software is installed directly into your domain, and it's yours to treat as you'd like. You're going to learn exactly how to set up your Wordpress.org blog today.

Blogger - Also very popular, Blogger is the simplest of the two, and incredibly ease to use. It only offers house hosting, so your address will be yourblog.blogger.com, and it doesn't even compare to the flexibility of Wordpress.

Why you really want to use Wordpress.org

As an Internet Marketer, you want your address to be extremely easy to find. Not only is yourblog.wordpress.com (or even .blogger.com) way too long, it also shows a certain lazyness regarding your business practice: can't you just get a domain for 9.95/year?

Another reason is the fact that when under house hosting, you're subject to the house's rules, and they can be quite drastic. And they do take drastic measures if they see banners, affiliate promotions or whatever they deem unacceptable.

With that said, let's get cracking. Here's what you'll need:

Installing Wordpress

I'm going to assume you already have a domain and your hosting has the Fantastico tool.

1 )Log into your Domain's CPANEL

Usually, you can perform this step by typing: www.YourDomainName.com/cpanel on your browser.

2) Click on the Fantastico Icon

How To Install Wordpress 01

3) Click On Wordpress

How To Install Wordpress - 03

4) That's It!

You will get a confirmation message on your email, and your domain will show a "Hello" post.

To Login Into Your Blog

To go in the Admin area of your blog, type yourdomainname.com/wp-admin - and enter the Administrator username and password.

Fundamental Strategies for Blogging

Determine your blog's audience and competition, before even picking your domain name. For ideas, visit Digg.com or Alltop.com.

Keep it related to your industry, but not necessarily linked to your company. Even though your blog will become a great tool for business, its primary purpose is to add value to the readers, and their participation is extremely necessary, so don't scare them by talking business constantly.

Once you have your audience and competition, pick mid-traffic keywords and base your own blog around that subject.

There are 5 key aspects of your blog that determine it's appeal with Search Engines:

Remember the keywords your picked on Day 3?

Make sure your keywords are at the beginning of each one (naturally inserted, because you'll have humans reading it too). This simple strategy is the foundation for you SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and because of the strength of blog content + RSS feed, Search Engines just love Blogs.

Creating content

Let's face it: not everybody has time to write a blog post a day. That's fine, but remember that Search Engines treat blog content as news, and lower old posts' ranking as time passes. So try to keep your updates to every other day, or twice a week.

The strategy with your blog is to transform it into your own article directory. Before submitting articles to any larger services, post them to your blog (when related, of course). Give Googlebot a chance to come and index it, around 3 days, and then submit it anywhere you'd like.


Scramble, add, subtract, modify: commit yourself NOT to post the exact article to two or more directories. Even though it increases the chances of another user reading it, Search Engines will classify it as duplicate content and disregard it.

This is specially important when trying to build "backlinks" (links that link TO your blog/website) - if you submit duplicate articles expecting to get some love from Google, thinking that each one of those places will count as a backlink originator, forget it. SEs will not index the same content twice.

Personalizing - Essential Plugins for business owners

Remember I mentioned the flexibility of Wordpress?

Once your blog is installed, you're able to completely modify its appearance, by adding new "themes" to your design, adding "widgets", and even editing the master code.

There are tons of Free themes, but there also some rather expensive ones. For starters, pick a free one from the list Wordpress provides on the WP-Admin panel. Preferably, one with 2 columns sidebars, so you can fit even an embedded video, or a contact form, if you want to.

My friend Cenay Nailor is an extremely gifted web programmer, and she is the author of The Ultimate Guide To Wordpress Plugins. Her guide lists the essentials, the advanced, and the plugins you should steer away from. ($47, ebook)

What Now?

You're now capable of: creating your own marketing system, streamlining free lead generation, making Google your best friend, stealing marketers' lists, setting up your own funded proposal, and leveraging Social Media.

It's up to you to integrate your Blog into your marketing campaigns.

Tip: use your blog(s) as the Central Hub to all of your content syndication.

Congratulations! You've Masterfully Graduated From Your Income Potential Training!

Do a Little Money Dance, You're About to Take Your Revenues To A Whole New Level!

If you want to take a little break to celebrate, go ahead and open your favorite adult beverage. When you're done, (and sober) come back to this point.



You've learned the very essential skills and strategies any marketer must have in order to succeed in the Network Marketing industry. With the knowledge you're carrying, comes the responsibility to take action.

You have all the tools you need to start building your empire, quit your 9-to-5 or even retire to the Bahamas.


Unfortunately, for most of you, following each lesson in this training and creating a complete marketing system will be a task "for later", meaning it will never get done.

Even though I know that it's better to teach a hungry marketer to go fish, (meaning you should consider creating your own marketing system and products), I have a few resources that will eliminate any possible excuses, and bring some "tasty fish" to your table.

1) Get the full your income potential training -

The training will go into greater detail over the content we've discussed on these past 7 days, and tie it all together in a way that makes it all flow very smooth.

Plus, once you've got the full training, you can get me to design you a customized landing page so you have your own lead capture system in place and will never depend on guru's systems. Any other webdesigner would charge $300-$500 for a page like this.

------------------> http://www.yourincomepotential.com/letter.html (Recommended)

2) Continue your education with the MLM Traffic Formula -

Mike Dillard, Tim Erway, and Tom Bell have put together the bible of Network Marketing; You'll learn step-by-step Search Engine Optimization, Pay-Per-Click, Product Creation, and much more.

Traffic Formula is the most comprehensive study of our industry, and I highly recommend it for anybody that is serious about creating a long-lasting business online. (Definitely not for the past-time "quick money" marketer)

The dense course is sure to make you work your marketing muscles, and by the end, you're ready to take on any market, with any company.

3) Of course, the Magnetic Sponsoring Course -

If you're sincerely commited to your business, but absolutely out-of-budget for the first two options, then get Magnetic Sponsoring. If you know anything about Mike Dillard, know that he always over delivers.

For $39, you get the Course (which is a big slap-on-the-face straight-shooting text), and you'll gain access to your own landing pages, lead capturing system, funded proposal, and contact manager. It's a whole BOMB for a small buck.

To this day, I still use the MS system to bring me leads, and it converts insanely well.

Allright, to sum it all up:

 1) Get the Full Training (and get your own landing page designed by me) and/or;

2) Expand your marketing knowledge with the MLM Traffic Formula or;

3) Buy the Magnetic Sponsoring Course and tap into Mike's powerful lead generation system.

Even before making any money online, while struggling to build my business, I still purchased both Traffic Formula and Magnetic Sponsoring, so there is no excuse.

Investing on your education is the best way to develop your business.

I want to thank you for your leadership by following the training this far.

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All the success in your journey!


Leo Saraceni

Leo Saraceni


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